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Publications and Presentations

International Smart Water Metering Sharing Session

Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Japan), March 2024

Under-Explored Benefits of Smart Metering, Speaker and Panellist (link)

Global Smart Metering and Intelligent Data Utilisation Congress (UK), April 2023

Sydney Water Digital Metering Program Presentation 

Water Services Association Australia - Metering Community of Practice, March 2023

Speaker and Panellist, Smart Metering: Understanding the Business Case (link)

SWAN Smart Water Action Network, March 2023

International Smart Water Metering Sharing Session (link)

Pune Municipal Corporation (India), December 2022

Speaker and Panellist, The Reboot Show (link)

Digitising water utility organisations with Oracle, April 2022

Smart Water Metering Solutions: It's Not Just About the Meter, Speaker and Panellist (link)

Water New Zealand, March 2022

Sydney Water Digital Metering Journey

Water Services Association Australia - Metering Community of Practice, March 2021

Chairperson and Facilitator of Digital Metering Systems, State-wide Program of Utility Collaboration

Intelligent Water Networks, June 2020

Digital Metering Interview, post-Sharing Session with Thames Water (link)

Water & Wastewater Treatment (Magazine, UK), April 2020

International Digital Metering Sharing Session

Thames Water (UK), December 2019

Digital Metering Conference, CWW Digital Metering Presentation, Facilitator of Lean Workshops

Intelligent Water Networks, November 2019

Panellist Speaker on Working in the Field of Data

University of Melbourne Data Science Postgraduate Society, October 2019

IoT Utilities and Energy CWW Digital Metering Presentation and Panellist

EY and Microsoft Event, August 2019

Top 5 Smart Water Metering Predictions for 2019 (link)

Sustainability Matters (Magazine, Aust.), February 2019

Digital Meter Case Studies (link)

Intelligent Water Networks, November 2018

How IoT Enables New Work Processes and Business Models in the Water Industry (link)

Business Process Management Conference, September 2018

Australian and Chinese Successful Co-operation for Smart Water Metering (workshop) (link)

MeteringChina 2018, April 2018

The Australian Smart Water Meter Market (link)

MeteringChina 2018, April 2018

Top 5 Smart Water Metering Predictions for 2018 (link)

Sustainability Matters, February 2018


Digital Water:  Implementation Strategies for digital meters and IoT devices (panellist) (link)

Australian Utility Week, November 2017

Smart Metering for Water with the Internet of Things Webinar (link)

Engineers Australia, October 2017

Smart Water Meter Project Brings Massive Savings and Kudos to University (link)

Australian Water Association, June 2017

Chinese Organisations Entering the Australian Smart Water Metering Market & Australian Water and Smart Water Meter Market (link)

MeteringChina 2017, June 2017


Water Interrupted (article in Current magazine) (link)

Australian Water Association, May 2017

Future Smart Metering and Internet of Things (link)

IoT One, September 2016

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