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Engineers Australia Webinar - Smart Metering & IoT

Engineers Australia hosted Rian Sullings for the webinar Smart Metering for Water and IoT on 10/10/2017.

What you will learn: • How IoT is revolutionising the water industry • How to fast-track IoT implementations • Key challenges in adopting IoT and how to overcome them

The application internet of things technologies to high water users is delivering significant results, as evidenced by WaterGroup recently receiving awards for the highest impact of IoT technologies to date. The company has developed low cost, high volume remote sensing devices, integrated with new low power wide area communication technologies and advanced data analytics to help develop new business models for the management of water use. Users are more easily able to identify water leaks and consumption trends, to generate insights and facilitate smarter action. This presentation will show how the company developed their IoT based smart metering solution and its application in a number of case studies showing significant water savings.

Presentation by Rian Sullings and Engineers Australia. Video also available from Engineers Australia here:


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